Visit to Escondido wine country

Visiting Escondido California

    For a short and easy drive from San Diego or Los Angeles – a weekend getaway to Escondido,  California is a real treat. There’s so much to do and see in Escondido ranging from outdoor adventure and activities, touring local wineries, art and antique shopping downtown and even exploring an incredible dinosaur museum downtown. Escondido really surprises … Read more

What to do in Solvang California

What to do in Solvang California

    Solvang, California was long an open secret Angeleno’s and San Franciscans kept in terms of a fun weekend getaway. A Danish immigrant enclave, for years, sleepy little Solvang was known as the “Pea Soup Capital of the World” thanks to a renowned local restaurant. Check out what to see and do in Solvang … Read more

Santa Barbara vineyards

Santa Barbara vineyards and wine tour

Not knowing much about the various wine regions and appellations of the Santa Barbara county wine region, I opted to work with a popular wine touring outfit in the area called Savoir Fare Wine Tours. The knowledgeable guides customized a tour of the region highlighting some of the wonderful wineries, exploring the fun towns around … Read more

California cheese trail

California cheese trail

Oh so creamy and scrumptious,  the taste of the local cheese and from Northern California is so distinct and delicious here and worth a road trip to discover. You’ll find some of the best cheese to eat and take home from this off the beaten path cheese trail with this fun road trip experience through … Read more

Ferry Plaza Farmer’s Market, San Francisco

Origins of the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market

  Passionate foodies and locavores flock to the Ferry Plaza Farmer’s market eagerly and early on Saturday or week days on Tuesday and Thursday mornings to greet their favorite local vendors and buy the freshest produce for sale. Growers of delicious fresh fruits and vegetables from all over Northern California set up their stalls along … Read more