soft adventure tourism

Tips on Senior travel

What is soft adventure tourism for mature travelers?   What a strange question to come across for mature and senior travelers who know and have been doing soft adventure travel at this stage of their life. But for those not in the know, there is such a category in senior travel that encompasses travel and … Read more

US Dollar almost at the same exchange with the Euro

US Dollar almost on par with the Euro

  Good news for US travelers looking to travel to Europe soon, the US Dollar has been making big strides lately against the European Euro with exchange rates almost equal and gaining equal parity. This is a big plus for US travelers and considering going back to Europe post pandemic when the exchange rates are … Read more

Lifting of Covid restrictions for US bound passengers

Lifting of Covid restrictions for US bound passengers

    We finally have good news on the international travel front with the US Government lifting requirements for a negative covid test upon entry to the United States. This has been confirmed with the US Centers for Disease Control and prevention stating that they will lift the requirement for travelers to the United States … Read more