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Welcome to the Mature Traveler

This website focuses on Mature travel that encompasses the Boomer, X Gen, Empty Nesters and the over 50+  travelers who love to explore and experience everything in their back yard, close day trips to more exotic locations and international destinations. Some are seasoned travelers, others are new and just started with their bucket list wish lists.

We share inside tips, travel stories, guides to visiting popular destinations and some truly off the beaten path places that mature travelers love to frequent. But we also love to offer inspiring new places that might also be on your bandwidth or hopefully a bucket list destination for you to explore on your own.


Welcome to the Mature Traveler


Spotlight on mature and senior travel and destinations

Our appreciation of USA, Canada, Mexico travel and around the Americas travel as well as many international destinations explores a range of popular topics on traveling to many of these destinations. We cover popular topics ranging on relevant mature travel queries covering culture and history, arts, museums and creative centers, natural parks and wildlife, adventure and soft recreational travel, cruising and of course discovering local foods, markets and popular foods and exciting dining venues. We hope that you come back and visit us regularly to be inspired to enjoy these stories and create your own exciting adventures and bucket list experiences.


In the News

We currently write about news and current topics that affect the mature traveler and how important it is to keep on top of current travel and lifestyle issues that affect our demographic. We have created a Travel news and update section for you to keep abreast of important trends, issues and news that targets the senior and active traveler with relevant and up-to-date information. Check it out and hopefully it will be a helpful segment for you to visit regularly


Senior Travel tips

We created this section to help you out with any important and relevant tools and tips to make your travel easy, efficient and complete with how to’s, planning and budgeting, traveling affordably, solo travel and many other fantastic ideas and suggestions to make travel fun and doable. Check out our section on the top drop down under destinations and click on the section on Senior travel tips.


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Our Editorial Team



Our Editorial Team

Noel Morata

The main publisher and photographer, Noel has been traveling around the world and also worked as a professional photographer for over 3 decades based in California and Hawaii. He freelances writes for a variety of sites and also creates content for various brands along with his other websites including This Hawaii Life, Travel Photo Discovery and Visit California and Beyond.

A student of the world and passionate about travel covering UNESCO, historic sites, arts, foods and various cultural topics, Noel has always been a wanderer and adventuring without limits and an open mind and heart to learning and appreciating other worlds and people.

It’s natural that Noel has created a venue that explores his passions but also offers practical tips, ideas, bucket list travels to many others looking for inspiration while also supporting various brands, marketing projects and collaborations.




Atma Maris senior editor the Mature Traveler


Atma Maris

Editor at Large

Retired as a psychotherapist in public schools, Atma has always been a passionate traveler and starting to do even more travel after retiring from her full-time career. This has allowed her to do more adventurous travel that combines her interest in meditative, yoga, healthy travel to both domestic and international venues. She loves solo travel along with group travel and other multi-generational travel experiences that she shares on this website along with editorial content strategies.



Guest writers

It does take a village to write about a variety of topics and locations for mature travel covering solo, couples and multi-generational travel. We have guest writers and other contributors to ocassionally create their own inspirational stories, tips and fun destinations for you to follow and be inspired by.


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Member – SATW – Society of American Travel Writers

Member – IFWTWA – International Food, Wine and Travel Writers Association

Member of Tbex – Travel Blog Exchange

Member of ATTA – Adventure Travel Trade Association

Member TBIN – Travel Bloggers Influence Network


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