How to travel cheap


Prices for air travel have gone up over 30 percent since pre pandemic stages with cost of gas and demand fueling the surge in air travel prices, car rentals and accommodations, along with other travel related expenses. Knowing how to travel cheap involves a little belt tightening along with easy ways to save money and stick to your budget while traveling.

If you are looking to saving money on your vacation and travel cheap this summer or late into the season, here’s some tips on how to find bargains or cheaper ways to travel and avoid higher prices at your destination while having a fantastic travel experience.


How to save money on your travels now


How to save money on your travels now




How to save on those expensive air fights

If you plan ahead or utilize any of these suggestions below, you can definitely save on those expensive flights which really peak during the summer and holiday time frames. Here are some easy and cheap alternatives to finding some affordable flights to your travel destination.


How to save on those expensive air fights


Flight Alerts – sign up for flight alerts with your favorite airlines or search air consolidators to give you alerts on deals to areas you are looking to visit


Always book as early as you can to find the cheapest flights with search engine flight consolidators


Use Scotts cheap flights – a paid email-based distribution of cheap flight deals around the world.


Use your reward points and miles or use them to upgrade for longer flights for destinations you want to go to now.


Fly during the off season

If you look for flights after summer season and during the shoulder season for most destinations, you will find better flight deals and less crowds visiting during this time frame.


Take advantage of bundled vacation packages that offer flights, accommodations and car rentals at a better price than doing these separately


Pack light and travel with hand carry so you avoid lines, don’t lose your suitcase, save on luggage fees and can get around faster at your travel destination.



Save on those Touring Experiences


Save on those Touring Experiences

Use Air bnb experiences

These are typically cheaper than 3rd party touring sites and you support the local directly


DIY your own tours

If you research well, you can easily do your own day tour and arrange for logistics to those places


Take free walking tours in each city

You get a fun walking tour, meet others traveling and just have to pay a tip if you enjoyed the tour and supporting someone from the area


Buy a multi-day discount card

These are worth it if you have lots of attractions you want to visit and can skip most of the lines and save when you combine transportation, attractions and museums and other discounts from that city discount card.


Check out free museum days

If you love visiting museums try to tie it to the free days offered usually once a week and try to tie in all the free museum tours at one time and you will save big on those fees.


Getting around your destination cheaply or free


Getting around your destination cheaply or free

Use public transportation

You can learn to use the metro and public transportation which is a fun local experience and just use Uber or taxis at the end of the day when you are tired and just want to go back to your hotel.

Walk around

Walk to the easy places and attractions so you get the feel for the areas close to where you are staying, if you get lost it is easy to catch an uber or metro to get you back

Use Uber

When you are tired, have had a full day touring or a night when safety is important to get you back



Finding Cheap Accommodations

Finding Cheap Accommodations

Finding cheap accommodations is always an easy option with so many different variables of places that you can stay based on location, quality and type of place. Check out these fantastic ideas on how to find fantastic places to stay that covers most of your needs and at cheaper prices.


Consider hotel and car rental packages to save on both for a better deal

Try to stay in the central area so it is easy to walk around or take public transportation

Bump down to 2- or 3-star accommodations that have great reviews and typically are priced at really good rates

Use hostels with private rooms that are affordable and also a great way to mingle with other travelers

Use Air Bnb or VRBO with full kitchens and laundry to bring costs down

Consider all inclusive places that are offered to save on food, entertainment and even adventure/activity experiences

Book hotels that include breakfast to save time and money and usually nice buffets can fill you up for a good part of the day


Eating out at your destination


Eating out at your destination

Find a location with a kitchen and you can do inexpensive breakfast, lunch prep to take out or easy dinners and splurge on some occasions.

Set up a daily food budget for breakfast, lunch and dinner and stick to it. Shop farmers markets or food courts to save on your eating expense

Support local markets, food courts and truck venues

These tend to be cheaper and more local venues that every day city dwellers go to for their daily shopping and eating. Try to locate them and have a fun eating adventure


Other tips on saving money when you travel


Other tips on saving money when you travel

Cash is king and always have a daily cash amount you can bring with you and stash the rest in your safe. This is for smaller vendors, farmers markets and food stalls that typically only take the local currency

Bring a water bottle – if the local water is good in your hotel or destination fill it up and avoid having to pay premium prices for water at tourist venues

Support local and public markets

Shop for food, snacks and souvenirs at local markets and support local producers and food vendors directly and at cheaper prices

Free events on city calendars

Check with the travel destination you are visiting for free events, festivals or discounted features that you can take advantage of when you are visiting

Don’t pay roaming charges on your phone

Use WhatsApp, Skype or Messenger when you have wifi service at the hotel, restaurants or other free wifi venues to talk to people and keep them updated with your trip



Conclusion on How to travel cheap


Conclusion on How to travel cheap

Thanks for checking out this post on How to travel cheap on your vacation. If you have some other cool tips to add, please do share them in the comment section below.


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