Lifting of Covid restrictions for US bound passengers



We finally have good news on the international travel front with the US Government lifting requirements for a negative covid test upon entry to the United States.

This has been confirmed with the US Centers for Disease Control and prevention stating that they will lift the requirement for travelers to the United States having to test negative upon entering the United States. The requirement will be lifted at 12:01 a.m. ET this Sunday 6/12/2022 according to a senior administration official.




USA to end Covid testing requirements on entry


USA to end Covid testing requirements on entry

Travel industry officials have been meeting with While House officials recently and pressing the fact that travel restriction into the United States have been having an impact on the economy and travel related countries dealing with these restrictions which have had an impact on all travel related business into the United States and giving them less of an advantage in the world travel space.

The move for the CDC to lift this restriction for negative Covid testing prior to entry will take effect on Sunday 12th, 2022.  There will be a 90-day trial period on this ruling and the CDC will access if changes need to be made after this period.

With the shifting of the Covid Pandemic to changing into a new phase the transition is making its impact on air travel and communications with the administration and various travel industries especially the airlines are transition and working closely to make sure that procedures are smoothly being worked out and communicate to the general public.


Boon for foreign travel back to the USA again


Boon for foreign travel back to the USA again

Most industry experts agree that the lifting of covid testing requirements will have an immediate impact on foreign travel into the United States and also Americans traveling more internationally without having the additional requirements of Covid testing prior to entry back into the country. The major US air carriers agree that the lifting will be a boon for international travel and flying again into US airspace and increased demand for US travel back to the United States


A video update on covid restrictions lifted on entry back to the USA




USA and return passengers and also international travelers to the United States will be relieved to hear that there will be no travel restrictions and Covid testing requirements now back into the United States and this will be a major boon for US travel related industries and the economy in general.


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