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Summer vacations are not so much fun with heat waves and the terrible lines and unexpected cancellations that can easily happen and ruin your vacation plans. But, if you really want to have a summer with less headache and heartache to scratch plans, read up and see what you can do here in advance to not deal with these summer vacation headaches.



Summer flying woes - here's how to beat the odds

Summer flying woes – here’s how to beat the odds


Drive if you can

Even with gas prices up around the country, if the drive is less than five hours then do it.

You can visit many places in between like a road trip and really get off the beaten path to discover new places that you’ve never been before


Get to your destination a few days ahead

Try to visit before peak vacation fly days or holidays and beat the crowds. You can easily use the early time visiting relaxing, visiting friends or just enjoying the downtime before you really start your vacation. This applies to cruise or tour connections, important events like weddings, graduations or funerals. This also applies to international travels and making those important connections.



Airport travel tips

Airport travel tips

Check out these must do things to do before you get to the airport or when you are there checking in


Make sure to download your airline app

You can get your boarding pass, track cancellations, see your plane getting to the airport, track your bag and even find out if your flight is cancelled before you head out to the airport. In short get the app and save the headaches when you arrive at the airport



Take the first flight out

Take the first flight out

This is a standard rule to always take the first flight in the morning which typically don’t cancel and are parking at the gate and ready for passengers to load with no delays outside of weather or other conditions.


Make sure your layovers are longer

Not fun doing an OJ at a layover terminal when you have less than an hour to transfer planes. It’s better to opt for flights that have longer layover timeframes so you don’t have to worry about missing your plane and trying to schedule the next flight out.


Airlines and crews are understaffed

Airlines are definitely working harder with less staff and the probability of flight cancellations are high. So be thoughtful and kind to crew, they are definitely working harder with no consideration. They are definitely more responsive if you are nice to them.



Pack smart and do carryon bags

Pack smart and do carryon bags

With so much time to check in suitcases and extra fees for that privilege, why not try to just pack your essentials and do hand carry to avoid time and money for things you will be slepping all over your vacation and maybe not even use.


Get trip insurance

With so much turbulence happening this season of travel, having extra insurance really helps to defray added costs or missing out on connecting flights, cruises or tours or unexpected delays that are not covered.


Flights are all full

Getting those cheap tickets on those flight search consolidators ensures you the cheapest seats but no privileges. You get what you paid for and it is difficult to change seats when you get to the airport or in the plane so don’t expect miracles or any free upgrades.



Invest in Clear or TSA Pre Check

Invest in Clear or TSA Pre Check

To really save time on those entry checks at TSA then it’s worth the expense to have Clear or TSA Pre Check for USA travel destinations. You’ll breeze through security without taking off shoes, laptops or even your belts with either of these services, making the process getting to your plane easy and no fuss and worth the expense.


Dress in Layers

The airports are always so hot and cold going through different parts of the airport and when you enter the planes, it could be hot and then change quickly to ice like conditions when you get up past the clouds. It’s always better to dress in layers and good if you are just doing hand carry-ons and just wearing the bulkiest items on the flight itself.


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Conclusion to Summer flying and airport tips

Conclusion to Summer flying and airport tips


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  1. Pretty useful tips out here. Taking the first flight out is something that I also, prefer – more so from an arrival perspective where you get a complete day rather than just an evening. I agree with you on the driving bit too – if it ain’t far, take the road. I wish there are TSA checks here too, will make it so much easier for us to breeze past those gates.


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