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With a beautiful town square located right in the heart of town, Healdsburg remains an irresistible draw to Northern Sonoma Country and the surrounding Russian River and wine country appeal. But the city has become a lot more upscale, trendy and fun to explore and hang out in with fabulous restaurants, gorgeous boutique stores and uber fun hotels and inns to accommodate the fussiest travelers visiting Sonoma County and expecting the best service.

And why not, Healdsburg does cater to the best of the best as far as wine country appeal and lifestyle whether you are looking for an easy bakery for snacks, a cool bar to hang out with the locals or finding some treasures in antique or one-of-a-kind boutiques stores to take home with you.  This area of Northern Sonoma appeals to more than just wineries and wine tasting, but also outdoor adventure and recreation, eating well with farm to table venues and a place with cool and interesting vibe that doesn’t take itself so seriously.

If you are ready to explore, let us show you the best of Healdsburg and this part of Sonoma County.


Visit to Healdsburg in Sonoma County


Visit to Healdsburg in Sonoma County

Best time of the year to visit Healdsburg

A year-round destination, Healdsburg truly draws in a year-round crowd with four seasons. The best times to visit tends to be in the spring to summer season when the wildflowers are in bloom, the vines are budding in the wineries and events are happening to draw in regional and visitors from around the nation to visit and enjoy the city.



Best time of the year to visit Healdsburg


Fun and cool things to do in Healdsburg, Sonoma



Explore the historic Healdsburg plaza area


Explore the historic Healdsburg plaza area

The downtown area is fun around the main square with fun bookstores to browse, art galleries to visit, artisanal bakeries and foodies’ places to munch and find snacks, wine tasting rooms and delicious restaurants to enjoy.  You’ll enjoy walking around the square or even take part in the weekend market that happens right on the square to try some local produce or prepared foods from the local vendors.


Explore the historic Healdsburg plaza area


Visit some gorgeous gardens

There are so many winery gardens that are fun to explore and also enjoy some of the local wines grown in the area. You can visit local wineries likes Ferrari Carano. Every year over 10,000 tulips and daffodils come out in force early spring so if you time it well, you’ll enjoy the most spectacular gardens in Sonoma for this beautiful show. Another popular garden to explore in the area is at the Russian River Rose Company that has a gorgeous garden and beautiful heirloom roses to enjoy late spring to summer season



Visit some gorgeous gardens


Play Bocce Ball

Bocce courts all over the area with many wineries and even a restaurant having bocce courts for you to enjoy and of course drink some of their wines and enjoy a day outdoors and playing the popular bocce ball. Check out these places to visit here when you are in the mood to combine a bocce and wine experience at the same time.


Explore the Healdsburg Museum

Housed in the old Carnegie Library the Healdsburg Museum and Historical Society was built in 1911 and has a fascinating collection of indigenous artifacts, historical treasures and how the city developed and other unique finds that were contributed to the museum. This gorgeous museum is a must visit and you can check out the details to visiting here for more information and hours to visit.



Go on a wine country road trip


Go on a wine country road trip

The Dry Creek Valley makes an easy road trip to explore from Healdsburg and beautiful landscape and wine country vineyards dotting the entire valley to explore all the way to the end at Lake Sonoma which is a fantastic ending point to enjoy the views from above into the lake area and valley. You can check out the popular things on this road trip to the Dry Creek area here for inspiration to visiting this scenic part of wine country in Northern Sonoma County.



Antique shopping in Healdsburg


Antique shopping in Healdsburg

There are some fantastic antique areas in town worth dropping into and find some treasures to take home with you. It’s fun to go to a very design savy and cool city with nice antique venues that you can check out and look for some really cool stores and collections that are eclectic and worth visiting for visitors to explore. Check out where to go antique shopping in the city here to plan a day exploring the fun antique shopping venues in town.


Kayaking the russian river


Sip, kayak and Cycle adventure

A fun way to have a real adventure in Northern Sonoma and exercise combined with visiting some local vineyards in the area.This fun all day tour is fantastic combining, biking, kayaking and sipping some delicious wines from the area. You can sign up for a group tour activity here for inspiration and booking this fun experience.


Visit Healdsburg’s tasting rooms in town

Why not have some of the most iconic wine tours right here in the center of town by visiting the many tasting rooms already in the city for you to enjoy without driving.  This is an easy way to experience the best of wine country without having to worry about driving and discovering these places on your own. Check out these fun Healdsburg tasting rooms here for more information and details to visiting them right in town.




Do a food tour in Healdsburg


Do a food tour in Healdsburg

Food tours are a great way to explore more delicious food venues around the city and enjoy different food experiences from top places in the area. It gives you an opportunity to try different places and maybe go back for a more extensive meal, if you enjoyed the taste from the food tour. This is a great way to experience the food from the area with unique and fantastic food focused places that are highlighted on the tour. Check out this food and wine touring experience here for more details and their calendar of availability to join the tours.



Where to stay around Healdsburg


Where to stay around Healdsburg

If you are visiting Healdsburg, there are so many fantastic venues to stay in the city and covering a variety of price levels. Check out the top places to stay here in reviews here for the best prices and reviews in the area.


Trio Hotel – upscale and friendly with small kitchenettes, good breakfast service and nice comfortable rooms and amenities.

River Belle Inn – a classic style inn on the river front with gracious service, fantastic breakfast choices and beautiful rooms and public areas to enjoy.

Montage Healdsburg – ultra luxury, attentive service, beautiful space in a vineyard and forested setting and plush settings and amenities.


Check out the best reviewed places to stay in Healdsburg with TripAdvisor for hotels here for fantastic hotel stays in the area.



Conclusion to visiting Healdsburg in Sonoma


Conclusion to visiting Healdsburg in Sonoma

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20 Responses

  1. Sonoma has long been on my bucket list and I have heard great things about Healdsburg, in particular! But I did not know that if I plan the trip right, I might time it with the bloom of so many daffodils and tulips. As someone who loves both wine tours and gardens, this was exactly what I needed to hear to get planning. I’ll take in the museum and hope to get in a food tour as well. This is my kinda place!

    • Yes Healdsburg has so many wonderful places and things to do in town and just outside doing a road trip, wine country or some fun adventure.

  2. Ah! I’m so jealous! I was on a media trip in Sonoma, and we got to stop in Healdsburg for 30 minutes. It was such a tease. Ha! I’d love to spend some time there perusing shops and grabbing a coffee. It’s a cute place!

    • Visiting Healdsburg definitely takes a nice long weekend or getaway to visit some wineries, do a road trip or have a luxurious meal. You should go back to Healdsburg and Northern Sonoma County

  3. Wow! I did not realize that there is so much to see and do in Healdsburg. This place is beautiful. I would love to visit all the gardens. I love flowers so this is really a paradise for me.

    I also look forward to do some antique shopping. That sounds really exciting.

  4. This is such a versatile destination – so much to do and yet so idyllic. I would definitely like to walk around that square and browse through the various shops. Kayak and bike and hike – all my favorite things to do in any place. And yes, I am all for the season of daffodils.

    • Healdsburg is really the new in spot to visit and hang out in Sonoma County with so much outdoor activity, wine country and urban fun to enjoy.

  5. Reading more about Healdsburg convinced me we need to head out of Napa the next time we are in the Sonoma area. We would not pass on wine tasting. But lovely to know there are some other outdoor activities to enjoy as well. I might even learn to play bocce ball. Visiting for the weekend market sounds perfect.

    • Healdsburg looks like a fascinating place to explore with picturesque vineyards, intriguing museums, wine tours and antiques for shopping. Also it has some interesting adventure sports like biking and kayaking to indulge in. I would love to visit the Healdsburg in Sonoma.

  6. My brother got married in Healdsburg (a winery who’s name slips my mind….”something” George? It was such a lovely vineyard, and wedding venue. And the next day we went wine tasting and had an absolute blast. Seemed way less pretentious than Napa. Totally going back, especially after reading your blog!

  7. I would love to visit Healdsburg in spring and see all the wildflowers along with a roadtrip through the vineyards. It reminds me of places like Malrlbough in NZ with how much there is to see and do here. Is the kayaking on a river or lake?

    • Sounds nice and I’m sure you would love visiting Healdsburg. Water kayaking can be on the Russian River which borders the city limits.

  8. Healdsburg looks like a perfect place to go if you are looking for a relaxed holiday with good food and wine. I like that you can visit tine vineyards by bike or kayak. That sounds like so much fun! The gardens in Healdsburg make me think of a landscape taken straight from Tuscany or France. They are so pretty and well maintained. I am always down for some antique shopping, so I would love to check out the local shops in Healdsburg.

  9. It looks like my kind of place to visit. I adore small towns just like this one. Antiques, chocolatier, gardens, and of course the wineries. Great hidden gem Healdsburg is.

  10. Along with enjoying a stroll through the plaza area, I would adore exploring the exquisite winery gardens. A few of the exciting adventures I want to have here include kayaking, bicycling, and savoring some fine wines. A food tour is what I totally love and will enjoy the most out of all the pleasurable activities you suggest. Therefore, I’m hoping to go to Healdsburg soon and stop by their vintage stores.

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