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Living the American dream for seasoned or mature travelers also includes having a fulfilling travel experience that we are capable of doing at the prime of our lives.

Whether you are a Baby Boomer, X Gen, Empty Nesters or anyone in the 50+ age group, travel is something that all of us love to experience either locally, visiting places in a close road trip to more extensive travel and even to international destinations.

Everyone has their favorite way to travel and experience something unique, fun and pertinent to your particular interests and bucket list adventure. This can be basic and easy to more elaborate or a luxury type of travel experience.

Let us share some of the popular tips and ideas about travel for seasoned or mature travel topics that you may learn and get some great ideas or tips to take with you.


Tips on traveling for seniors or with disability needs

Tips on traveling for seniors or with disability needs

Go ahead dream and plan your bucket list journeys and be inspired by the places you’ve always dreamed about. Here’s some important details and tips to consider before you get started or are just in the planning stage of your travel.



Take advantage of Senior discounts

Use those Senior discounts everywhere you can, case in point those National Park Passes which is $80 for a lifetime pass for seniors aged 65+


Pack as Light as you can

You will probably have to do a lot of the slepping yourself from planes, trains, cars or other modes of transportation to your accommodation so keeping it light should be very important. Hand carry instead of checked in suitcases are always more ideal for easy transport and no lost luggage situations.

Pack all your medications and essentials in plastic baggies for easy TSA checks and easy access of your medical needs so you don’t have to go digging in your entire bag. Try to get your pill dispensers all set up to go on day one so you don’t have to worry about proper usage.


Prepare all your necessary documentation

For international travel definitely have a passport and your international driver’s license at the ready. Just as important is getting copies of all your prescriptions or copies of medical conditions from your doctor or medical center.

Make sure to have copies done of the driver’s license, passport, credit cards being used and your medical prescriptions and conditions.

Also, make sure to give a relative or friend a copy of your documents and travel details for any follow up or documentation to all your necessary records while you are traveling.


Airport and TSA check in


Airport and TSA check in

Typically, the airlines and TSA accommodates seniors and those with disabilities flying out through most international airports. This you can arrange directly with your airline provider for wheelchair needs, security check in or loading or offloading from the planes. Dress for comfort, safe walking shoes and carry all necessary Physician letters, notes of medical condition and or mobility issues.




Get to the airport earlier


Get to the airport earlier

You need more prep time to deal with check in, TSA clearance and boarding so that requires more time for seniors or those with disability. Try to avoid walking long distances and arrange for a wheelchair or airport transport with your booking airline so you are all in good shape before your flight leaves.


When flying book an aisle seat

Having the flexibility of an aisle set allows you to stand up to stretch, use the bathrooms and gives your more freedom and less restrictions of the inner seats closer to the window. Make sure to stand up and stretch or do a walk to the bathroom or just the back of the plane for an easy stretch.


Don’t drink massive alcohol or sodas on the flight

Stick to mostly water or juices to keep hydrated.  Alcohol, coffee or teas do the opposite effect and make you sluggish and bloated so avoid any of these types of drinks if you can.


Consider going on Senior friendly tours, cruises or events

There are many popular and fun senior tours, cruises and activities that take care of all the details, logistics and needs of senior travelers. Group tours centered on senior travel is the way to go if you don’t want to deal with the details and have the tour group plan most of the details and travel arrangements for you so all you have to worry about is packing and being there on time.


Buy Travelers Insurance

A worthwhile and minimal expense to cover any emergencies or unexpected situations that may occur during the travel that helps to cover any excessive or unexpected costs.  Travel Medical Insurance will help you to keep physically safe and financially secure during your travel experience. Hopefully you may not need to use this but it is a worthwhile and nominal expense to guard you with unexpected situations or medical emergencies not covered by Medicare when you travel.



Conclusion to traveling for Seniors

Conclusion to traveling for Seniors

Hope this post was helpful sharing some tips and ideas on how to make travel safe, fast and more effortless as a senior and other things to consider on your journey. If we missed anything, please share this on the comment section below.

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